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 Visitors since Jan 2010


MUV - Navigation and Control for Multiple Underwater Vehicles (2004-2007)

This project addressed the development of control and navigation algorithms for the coordinated operation of multiple AUVs sharing a common acoustic positioning network. The theoretical results of this project were tested in operational scenarios using the vehicles and the acoustic positioning network developed by the Ocean Systems Group.


Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia - 80 k€

Research team

  • Aníbal Matos (OceanSys) - guidance and control

  • António Santos (OceanSys) - simulation software

  • Júlio Ferreira (OceansSys) - acoustic navigation

  • Nuno Cruz (OceanSys) - acoustic navigation

  • Nuno Santos (OceansSys) - AUV software

Acoustic navigation buoy, Douro river, 2006



WaveSim environment was developed during 2006. This is an  integrated environment for the simulation of multiple vehicles (both underwater and surface) that share an acoustic navigation network. This environment was developed within the scope of a MSc thesis by António Santos.

A modular acoustic system for underwater navigation developed within the scope of this project was successfully tested in an operational scenario in September 2007. 



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