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  Visitors since Jan 2010:

 Visitors since Jan 2010


The Ocean Systems Group

Aníbal Matos

Senior Engineer

  • Software Architecture

  • Navigation and Control

  • Mission Design and Supervision


towing TriMARES for field trials in Crestuma,
June 2011

preparing Zarco for a sidescan survey,
June 2010

MARES recovery in Crestuma,
July 2009

joint mission with Zarco and MARES in Crestuma,
June 2009

deploying MARES AUV off Foz do Arelho,
November 2007

deploying NIB#1 off Foz do Arelho,
November 2007

MARES boarding the Duke RHIB in Crestuma,
October 2007

MARES hull tested in water tank,
August 2006

Zarco setup for tests in water tank,
October 2005


Nuno Cruz

Senior Engineer

  • Systems Integration

  • Vehicle Electronics

  • Mechanical Design



Patrícia Ramos

Senior Scientist

  • Pollutant Dispersion Models

  • Sampling Strategy Design

  • Data Processing



Bruno Ferreira

Researcher/PhD. Student

  • Hydrodynamic Modeling

  • Control of Unmanned Systems





José Melo

Researcher/PhD. Student

  • Data Fusion

  • Navigation Systems



Maurici Del Monego

Research Scientist

  • Environmental Surveys

  • Data Processing




Miguel Pinto

Researcher/PhD. Student

  • Feature Extraction from Sonar Data

  • Relative Navigation using Sidescan Sonar

  • SLAM



Nuno Abreu

Researcher/PhD. Student

  • Software for Embedded Systems

  • Simulation Tools

  • Geostatistical Analysis


Rui Almeida

Research Scientist

  • Vehicle Electronics

  • Embedded Systems Design



André Sena

Visiting Researcher (Univ. Islas Baleares, Spain)

  • Realtime Feature Extraction
    from Sonar Data





Former Researchers:

Nuno Santos

Software Engineer

António Santos

Software Engineer

Júlio Ferreira

Electrical Engineer

Former Graduate Students:

André Sá (2009)

João Silva (2009)

Ricardo Costa (2009)

José Melo (2008)

Ivo Dias (2006-2007)


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